Temperament Based Education Model

Our perspective on the concept of “human existence” in the education system should focus on the integrity in terms of somatopsychospiritual (body-psyche-spirit). If we cannot distinguish among body, psyche and spirit in human existence, we cannot establish a new and integrated education system by separating the existential philosophy, theory, method and application strategy, model, environment and tools in education. Corrosion is not only contrary to human nature but also it is contrary to the internal of education, which is a reflection of human existence.

The most important goal of education should be to be able to reveal, expand and reveal the potential of the individual. At this point, it can be mentioned that the unique nature of the individual is placed to the center. According to NTTM, the fundamental philosophy of education within the framework of a scientific approach, students should have theoretical and practical applications based on their individual differences and prioritizing their sensory, emotional and cognitive development.