Temperament Based Counseling Model

Individual differences are of the most important topics of professionals working in the field (especially psychologists, educational psychologists, psychological counselors, child development specialists, social workers, and etc.). Identifying individual differences in practice requires monitoring the development and solving developmental crises, adapting behavior development processes to education and counseling, using special skills and strategies.

Nine Types of Temperament Model is a special model that allows analyzing and changing individual differences beginning from early childhood, and it offers practical and effective methods to work on them in a coherent way throughout lifetime. Nine Types of Temperament Model, which incorporates cultural and universal phenomenons in harmony within its nature, has significant advantages in scientific field with its strong emphasis on uniqueness, and in practical field with the rapid introduction of effective intervention and helping skills for practitioners. Developed on the basis of NTTM, Temperament Based Counseling Model provides a holistic counseling approach to professionals in personal, educational and occupational fields, as well as supporting communication, adaptation and psychological well-being in everyday life.