Today, although young college graduates join the labor market, both in the EU is still one of the most important problems in Turkey. According to the 2015 EU Youth Report, there are still 8.7 million young unemployed people aged 15-29 years in the EU, despite the fact that young people are better educated than their elders. Similarly, according to a recent survey which is conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a decrease is observed in the employment rate of university graduates in Turkey. These indicators show us the importance of expanding the employment areas of young people today and making efforts to ensure their integration into the labor market.

On the basis of this significance, the aim of this project is to provide support to young people's awareness of their own temperament, especially in line with the main objectives of the EU in the framework of employment and entrepreneurship.

It is aimed to provide career guidance and counseling support and to make a future planning by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of individuals’ temperaments for young people who are trying to direct their professional future.

Among the targets set out in the Tenth Development Plan there is "Increasing the level of education of the labor force by increasing the employability of the labor force and giving importance to lifelong education activities in order to gain the skills demanded by the labor market". In this context, it is aimed to provide guidance and consultancy support to the university senior students who will enter the young labor market based on temperament recognition in order to improve the cooperation between the university and the industry.